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Customer Testimonials

Case Manager Testimonials

"Total Care did such a great job with my dad.  The process is simple and they are so accommodating to requests. We are so appreciative of the level of service we received." 

-Lori C.

"We partnered with Total Care because of their ability to efficiently and effectively take care of our clients.  They go above and beyond the call of duty.  We feel they deliver the same quality of care that we offer."

-Julian M

Case Manager

"Even though my mom lives 2 states away, they were still able to take care of her.  Total Care made such a positive impact on our family because we knew if mom needed help then all she has to do is push her button.  They gave us the security and peace of mind we were looking for."

-John H.

"They do such a great job at making the referral process easy.  I really appreciate working with people that want to make my life easier and make my clients' lives better."

-Shonda V

Case Manger

"Great service aside, we were in a real pinch and couldn't find any company to get us a button the next day.  Total Care's team worked with us and were able to get my dad taken care of within 24 hours of receiving our call.  We loved our experience."

-Joan G.

"Total Care provided our client and her family with the peace of mind, security and freedom they were looking for."

-Nicole F.

Case Manger

"We were so happy for the recommendation from our Case Manager.  The value provided is unmatched.  Total Care gave excellent service and proved that they care about each and every customer."

-Scott S.

Life changing service to those that take advantage of it.  They are so easy to work with and I've used them for my own mother.  We no longer worry if she has fallen without help. Thank you Total Care Solutions."

-Cindi B

Case Manager

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